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How to manage two racing areas?

Two racing areas is great to go faster to complete a round robin. To do this, of course you need to swap teams for a racing area to the second. In fact, there are only two ‘swap’ moment during the full round robin.

If you have two racing areas for a step/phase, you have to follow this process: create a step with one group and affect at least 8 teams to this step.

Then, select two racing areas and click the button ‘Define racing area’s number’.

As you can see, there is a new functionality available: ‘Affect teams to the different racing areas. You can skip this option and let the system decides what will be the repartition between the teams. But, if you want to manage it by yourself, you can do it! For example, due to difficult weather forecast prevision, you can choose to start with a full round robin with initially 12 teams. The system will create two groups of 6 teams. Each group will sail a full 6 round robin and after everybody will sail versus everybody. So, after that the two groups complete the 6 round robins, you can decide to stop this step, and go further. But, to do this, it will be fair to have two groups with equal level of competitor! This is the purpose of this option.

Click the button ‘Select teams for racing areas’

Affect the teams to the group, depending on your choice! If you have an odd-numbered of teams, you need to affect one more team on racing area 2, like it is described!

Now you are back to the ‘classic’ step configuration panel. Just click the button ‘Create pairing list’

Go to your home page and click the button ‘Print the pairing’

Select the Universal pairing.

The second column is important, it is the racing area number! You can see in the pairing that at some moment, some teams need to change racing area.

How to create a knock out series?

How to create and manage for example your quarter finals?

First, create a step/phase named ‘Quarter Finals’ with 4 groups.

Second, configure this step by renaming the four groups by: QF1, QF2, QF3 and QF4.

Time to allocate teams for the quarter final!

In this example, first quarter final (QF1) will be: Paris-Beijing. Then, QF2 will be: Moscow-Buenos Aeres, QF3: Stockholm-Johannesbourg and QF4: London-Roma. Of course, some teams will not sail during this step! So it is normal to have teams not selected in the last column on the right! Then, click the button 'Affect teams to group(s)'.

To finish, select the number of matches for each group. If you decide to qualify to the semi-final at best of three matches, select 3 for each match:

Your quarter finals are now created!

Made 5 December 2019
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