Configure a step/phase

In this page, you will learn how to configure a step/phase of your event. You event can have many different steps. Steps can be: a round robin with a single group, multiple round robins with one group, a round robin with multiple groups or knock out.

Select a step

On this screenshot, this is the list of all steps created for your event. Click the button 'configure this step'.

Change name of the groups

Remember, in this step, we wanted to have two groups. By default, SAILCUP has generated two groups named: group1 and group2. You will change it by group A and group B.

For this, just enter the new name and click the button 'Rename group'

Your groups are now renamed.

Make the groups

Now this is time to affect teams to groups.

As you can see in this screen you have all your 10 teams. Just click in the correct column to assign a team to a group.

Be careful, this is not absolutely mandatory to assign all teams to all group. For any reason, some teams will not sail at this step. It can happen for example if a team has a wildcard to sail directly on some step, or during the knock out where not all team will sail. When you have selected all team, click the button 'Affect teams to group(s)'.

Here, we have made the selection:

Create the pairing list

When you will click the button to create the pairing list, it will not be possible to change team from a group to another group!!! For this, you need to delete the step, and create it again (which is not very complicated).

Now you will choose the sequence of the start. This option is only available if you have two or more groups. You have the choice to race all matches of group A first and after to send on the water all teams from group B. Or you want to alternate: one match from group A and one match from group B. Select the option that you want here:

The option of the number of racing area is not available when you have two or more groups. This option needs more explanation if you want to use it. It will be explained in a separate part.

Here, you will choose how many round robins you want for each group. Of course, you can have two round robins for group A and three round robins for group B. It will be the case for the knock out for example, when you want to have the petite final best of 3 matches (3 round robins) and the final best of 5 matches (5 round robins). But here, just leave one round robin for each group, and click the button 'Create pairing list'.

Congratulations, you have created the first step of your event!

Made 5 December 2019
by SAILCUP powered by Arnaud MANTE