Score matches

Before, it is easier to make everything from a computer, laptop. For the following sequence, you will do it from the water, from the finishing boat. So, it is better to do it through smartphone, laptop. It will be mainly touching button, no use of keyboard.

First, go to this screen, your home page (home page, not to configure a specific step), and click the button “Enter result” for your event.

Click the button “Enter result for this step” of the correct step. You see now that you have two steps! Just for the example I have created a new one to see the difference and where you have to click.

Find the match

First, verify that you are in the correct step! Here it is “Round robin”, so, we are good!

For some round robin, you can have close to 200 matches!! To go directly to the good one, you have a summary table, so just go directly to the closest match that you want to score.

Penalize a team

Unfortunately, it can appear that during a step, round robin, knock out, a team will receive some penalty point from the jury. For example, for a breach of RRS 14, the jury will penalize a team for half point. This penalty point will apply to the overall win/loss of the round robin, not to a specific match!

Of course here, there are no point penalty yet. But, for training, imagine that the French team was penalized of half point during a match of this step. With the arrows, increase the level of penalty until to have 0.5. Then, click the button “penalize Paris”.

You can see now that the French team has half point penalty! If for any reason this team will receive another half point penalty, add 0.5 point. The system will compute by itself to give at the end one point penalty.

Score a race

This is the first match of your round robin:

The first match is now finished!

The final score is: 1-Zurich, 2-Valencia, 3-Valencia, 4-Valencia, 5-Zurich, 6-Valencia, 7-Zurich, 8-Valencia.

Just click on the correct box like this:

Click the button “Validate race 1”.

Now, you can see that each team has points under the column “total point”: Zurich has 17 points and Valencia has 19 points.


If a boat is OCS, DSQ or RET, just select the finishing order, and after, make an extra click/selection on the appropriate option. For example, the first boat of Valencia (finished 2nd) was OCS, so you will have this configuration (don’t forget to click again the button 'validate race 1')

Of course, Valencia has more point now: 29.

It will be the same process if a boat is DSQ or RET.


If some boat is DNF, just scored the boat arrived, and select DNF for the others.

In this example, one boat of each team didn’t finished.

Reset a race

If you have scored the wrong race! No problem just clicks the button 'reset race 1' and everything will be deleted about this race.

Penalty only for a specific race

For any reason, maybe you have to add more penalty point to a specific point, BUT ONLY in this match! For example, according to the team race appendix, OCS is 10 points penalty, but, if you decide in your event that an OCS is 12 penalty, you have to give 2 more penalty points to team Valencia.

Increase the point penalty of the correct team and validate by clicking the button 'validate race 1'

The penalty point will not appear in the total point column but will count for the result of the match!

Give the URL of your event to coaches, media, sailors, parents… And they will be able to follow the result in live!!!

Made 5 December 2019
by SAILCUP powered by Arnaud MANTE