Configure an event

In this page, you will learn how to configure your event. You will discover how to register all the team in your event, eventually how to modify the name and the country of the teams.

You will learn how to upload the picture of your event. Thus, everybody who will visit your results will see this logo on the left top part of the web page.

And to finish, you will learn how to create a step. This step can be a round robin, semifinal or other.

Register a team

On this screenshot, you can see the two parts to manage the teams of your event.

Inside the 'Register a new team' section, enter a name, select a country and click the 'Register this team' button. If you don't want to select a country, for example for a national or regional event when everybody is from the same country, just leave it, don't modify it.

Here I want to create the first team of your European team race event, the team Paris from France.

When it is done, you can see that your team is registered!

Make the same process for all other teams. At the end, you have this list:

You can see two mistakes in this list! I have chosen the wrong country for Helsinki (Sweden and not Finland) and I have made a keyboard mistake when I wrote the Stockholm name. You will correct it now.

Modify a team

Go to the line of the Helsinki team and select the good country. Click the 'change team's country' button.

Now, it is corrected:

To modify the name of a team, just enter the new name and click the 'Rename team' button:

Your list is now correct:

If you go back to your 'home' by clicking the button 'back to home' at the top of the web page, you can see now that all your team are registered: 10/10

Click the configure button.

Upload picture of your event

Go to this part of the web page:

Click the 'Browse' button, select your file and then click the 'Upload image' button.

Before you had this:

Now you have this:

Create a step for your event

Go to the top of your page. For the moment, you have no step defined in your event.

You will create a step 'Round Robin'. In fact, for this step you want to have two groups. It will be two round robins of 5 teams each. For the future, the winner of a group will meet the second of the other group to sail the semi-final. Enter the name 'Round Robin' and select '2' as number of the group. Click the 'Create step/phase' button.

Your step is now created:

You are ready to configure this step. Click the 'Configure this step' button.

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