Create a new event

In this page, you will learn how to create a new event (team-race, match-race or fleet-race)

First, connect with your login and password.

Create the event / start process

Click the button 'Click here to create a new event'

Select the paramaters of your event

In this section, you have many parameters. But first, the button on the left up corner will drive you to the previous page, where you have a list of all your events already created.

Now, this is the list of all the parameters of your event:

Name of your event: Just give the full name of your event. For exemple, it can be "European Optimist Team Race Regatta 2020". This event will be a team race event 4 vs 4 with a maximum of 10 teams.

Type of your event: select if it will be a fleet race, match racing or team racing. If it is team racing, you need also to select if it is 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3 or 4 vs 4.

Maximum number of team allowed to register to your event: This paremeter is very important! When you will fix it, it will be IMPOSSIBLE to change the value later. This number represents the maximum number of team that can register to your event. Choose it carefully! It will be not possible to change it after.

Date of the first day of the regatta: This is the day of the first race.

Date of the last day of the regatta: This is the day of the last race.

Select the country of your event: just select the country when the event will be sailed.

Name of the URL: result from SAILCUP is composed by two elements. The first will be the web page to enter the result, monitor the team, the second webpage will be the one that you will give to the sailors, coaches, media... Here, this is this URL, web-adress that you have to define. Of course, choose it as simple that you can. For our example, we will enter: OPTI TEAMRACE so the coaches will just write: to check the results.

Click the button: 'Create this event'

Event created!

Congratulations your event is now created, you can see it in the list. You should receive soon an email to confirm the creation. In this email, you will receive also the URL / web-address to give to the sailors, coaches...

As expected, the URL of your event is:

You can see on the list of all your events, that you have the URL of each event created!

Delete an event

If you have made some mistakes during the creation, you can delete the event by selecting the "delete" button on the right of your event. You will have a confirmation panel after.

Next step : Configure your event

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