Manage the pairing list

You have two “buttons” about pairing list: one is “Print the pairing list” the other is “Modify pairing”.

Modify the pairing list

Click the button “Modify pairing”.

Here, you can change the order/sequence of the matches. If for any reason you are not happy with the pairing list generated by SAILCUP, you can modify it by moving 'up' or 'down' any match. But also, if for example a team registered will arrive late, you can move their matches later.

If you want to move race 1 : Paris-Roma in position 3, choose match the number “3” in the list and click the button “move/modify race 1”.

Now, if you the match’s order in the left column, you have: 2, 3, 1, 4!

You have to decide if you want to stay with this order: 2, 3, 1, 4 or if you want to have the new sequence of these matches but to renumber the matches’ sequence, to have: 1, 2, 3, 4 (And Paris-Roma will receive match number 3 in position number 3). If you want to renumber the sequence, the option will be available only if no match was already raced/scored. In fact, with the 'renumber' option only if you didn’t have printed yet the pairing list and if no match was raced.

In this example, we want to modify/renumber the sequence order. After to have clicked the button, we have:

Return to your step configuration.

Print the pairing list

As Organizing Authority, you have to provide pairing list to your teams. Of course, you can still do it by yourself, but SAILCUP can provide customized pairing list for you!

Click the button 'Print the pairing' of the required step.

At this time, you have a list of “potential” pairing.

Universal pairing: this is the pairing list with all matches. On the pairing list you will have the sequence of the matches, the teams involved in this match, eventually the group of this match (group A or group B, on the future can be GOLD group or SILVER group), and also the racing area (if you have chosen only one group with two racing areas: explained in other page). This pairing will be mainly for the race committee, the umpires, the media…

Team’s pairing: of course, this is exactly the same data, but the team selected will appear highlighted! It will be easy for each team to find quickly where they are racing!

Select team from Paris:

Click the button.

Now, you can print this pairing directly.

When you click the button 'Display pairing', it will display the pairing list in another page/tab of your browser! After printed it, just close this new web page.

This is time to race and score results!!

Made 5 December 2019
by SAILCUP powered by Arnaud MANTE